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Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop

Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop - Google revealed the new operating system Android 5.0, lollipop later in the year. Much was needed by Android because the fact that it was a "new" Android user interface. Definitely was. It was better than ever. But to win something, you need to lose something. Android Lollipop, like any other OS comes with it's Amateur and DeepOffs we gonna look down below. Let's start!

Advantages of Android 5.0, Lollipop.

'Materials' UI - enhances the appearance of every single application in Android 5.0, Lollipop. It's basically just a new 'feature' to let users see 'where things go' or 'where things come from'. Its in the main screen, LockScreen, and the Prairie, everywhere. And yes it's amazing, it feels much more fluid and professional. Each press button, the user interface animation has it special feel in the new Android 5.0, Lollipop.


Ease of Access - Allows you to access your notifications just by dragging down from the top. You may say, what's so new about it, Android has done it previously, iOS, and Microsoft has done it too, so what a great deal, right? Error! As mentioned above, the media bar also contains a physical user interface, so it feels more fluid to touch and experience professional sips. Also, you can see all your notifications in your LockScreen, too. The notification bar gives you access to many functions such as brightness control, Wi-Fi switch on / off and so on.

Battery Optimization - Android Lollipop has many noticeable changes, mostly from the user interface. You may be thinking if the user interface is very beautiful, the animation is very powerful, and every button press even "view capable" costs a lot of battery, right? Well, surprise surprise, Google announced the "Volta Project" in the robot lollipop, which obviously means to keep the battery. We've seen "Butter Project" too, but this time, Google has taken it to a whole new level. This means that you can now use your phone while traveling with the need to worry!


Amazing performance - Android Lollipop now supports 64-bit architecture. Guide the receiver that it will be able to hold much more RAM. Thus, the robot lollipop will be any lag and will do your tasks in just bliss. 'Android Runtime' or 'Art' is something new here. Previously used Android "Dalvik" which is responsible for third-party applications, now turned to Art. Art makes processing things much faster.

Just talk about its advantages, let's take a look at its downsides now ...

Drawbacks of Android 5.0, Lollipop.

Design materials exaggerated - although a lot of people, including me love the new user interface materials, I feel it takes tons of space for nothing. The robot was supposed to have tons of options on the screen, not buried under Android menus. Robot Lollipop just do it! All useful options are now buried inside the list. Large size banners on material applications take a lot of space, not much information can now be planted on a single page.

Flip Unlock - Android Lollipop Keeps the trend to open while looking at your phone. Android Lollipop provides that while you are checking your notifications on your LockScreen, it will be processed in the background to unlock the phone, but again, it does not do it well. IOS has a finger recognition method, which works every time, but no face recognition, so the next time you open your phone, you need to make all kinds of faces.

Software keys - ah! finally! Why did Google put 'soft' keys instead of actual touch feather buttons? I know it is the direction of the Nexus line, but again, the buses take up too much space, and we again have to leave 1 inch space for the buttons on the screen ?! seriously?

So, you've all noticed that the Lollipop robot has so much more awesome features than ever, but it comes with some drawbacks. So choose wisely, you will work ketchat stick, or switch to a new sucker! Let us know in the comments below!

Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop


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