4 home remedies that reduce swelling stomach

Although the swelling in the stomach does not usually lead to major problems and remits with some basic guidelines, it is always advisable to go to the specialist to rule out possible complications

Do you know the common problem of inflamed abdomen ? Grosso modo , is to feel swelling in the stomach for no apparent reason. If it is not related to a more serious pathology, it is simply an annoyance whose degree varies according to each person.

In this sense, we believe it is important that you treat it with home remedies that include natural products. The people who suffer from this problem have the organism more sensitive than the others, so that the less aggressive treatments are more recommendable.

In any case, at the slightest pain or symptom it is always advisable to go to a specialist.

Main symptoms of stomach swelling
As we said, the swelling in the stomach is often accompanied by other symptoms such as:

Abdominal cramps.
Periods of constipation alternated with diarrhea.
All of them also appear with other more serious conditions. Therefore, the ideal is that we go to the specialist to rule out the presence of bacteria or tumors . After having made sure of it, it is time to control this issue with home remedies that respect the body and whose side effects are null. Can you come with us?

Meet 4 home remedies that reduce stomach swelling
1. Water to prevent fluid retention

There are people who tend to retain fluids . There are many possible causes: hormonal, postural, circulatory, metabolic ... Occasionally, it manifests as edema in the extremities and inflammation of the stomach.

It may seem like a contradiction, but one of the most useful strategies to fight against it is to drink water. In this way we facilitate the expulsion of them. In addition, hydration is essential for the functioning of each of the organs .

2. Ginger and lemon juice
These ingredients directly address two of its main causes:

On the one hand, the alkalizing power of lemon avoids stomach acidity caused by certain foods .
On the other hand, ginger speeds up digestion, while at the same time it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory.
Today we can find tea bags ready in the herbalist, but you can also prepare it by following the instructions below.

5 tablespoons of fresh ginger (50 g).
2 lemons.
8 cups of water (2 liters).
First of all, chop the ginger and cut the lemons into thin tacos.
Then, put both ingredients in the blender jar and add the water.
Finally, process everything until it is homogeneous.

You can take it throughout the day as many times as you want.
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3. Fennel tea decrease swelling in the stomach

This plant is ideal for treating stomach swelling caused by gas or intolerance. In addition to undoing the air bubbles that we have inside, it also works as an analgesic. Thus, it eliminates flatulence as well as the cramps that usually accompany them.

3 teaspoons of fennel seeds (15 g).
8 cups of water (2 liters).
First, add the fennel seeds together with the water to a pot and heat over a low heat.
Then, when it reaches a boil, let the decoction take place for 15 minutes.
After the indicated time, strain the preparation.
Take three cups a day, one after each meal.
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4. Chamomile tea

The classics are for some reason. There are few home remedies more effective than chamomile to treat digestive problems. On the one hand, it regulates the intestinal transit and dissolves the gases  and, on the other, it ends the pain and in a very short time.

We already know that you can find it commercialized very easily. However, you can also choose to make it at home with natural ingredients.

2 cups of water (500 ml).
3 tablespoons of chamomile leaves (30 g).
Heat the water until it boils and add chamomile.
Let it infuse for 15 minutes.
After the indicated time, strain and consume.

Being an infusion so respectful to the functioning of our circulatory system, you can drink as much as you want during the day .

As long as we have ruled out major problems, the swelling in the stomach is usually a benign condition but, in spite of everything, it is very annoying. Do not resign yourself to endure it and try some of the home remedies that we propose. Never forgetting the recommendation of a specialist.


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