5 Ways to Avoid Worry

'Why did I do it then?'

'Tomorrow is a big day ... '

There are times when this idea stirs the head. When you go to bed and turn off the lights, you will have a painful memory and a heartache. Rather than putting a kick on the bed, the head wears more and more trouble.

These uncomfortable memories and worries bring about a sense of disenchantment that I think is a humble human, and eventually the soul is thrown away.

I introduce how to organize worries and unpleasant thoughts. It is the way that modern science and wisdom that came down thousands of years ago met. So please do not think that you are caught in the title.

Ronald Segal, a professor of clinical psychology at Harvard Medical School, has suggested five ways. It is a way to focus on reality by eliminating worries through 'mindfulness'.

1. You and your thoughts are different. 

Now you are here to accept and feel this moment as it is. It does not seem like a big deal. So you might say this.

'I am living in the present, open to the world, fully perceived'

Well, I guess .
I am interested in looking at smartphones and seeing what they are feeling completely. Sometimes I am caught up in the past and I am not worried about the future. In fact, we are not completely immersed in the world around us.
People tend to place too much importance on their thoughts. We mistakenly think that thinking is always meaningful. I think the idea is my own.

It seems to me that the thought is taken more seriously than the real world itself. But if you respond to another idea with a drifting thought, you get more gripped by that idea. The more I resist, the more I become slaves of thought.

So what should we do?

 2. Observe, do not judge, do not 

argue with bad thoughts. Do not throw food to 'seeds of interest'. Just leave it alone.

Of course, you can not turn off the switch just like turning off your smartphone. Those who have practiced meditation for many years can not clean their minds. However, I can keep a close eye on the pair without worrying about the thoughts that make me angry.
It is not about emptying your mind. It is not about eliminating complicated emotions, nor is it about escaping from the problems of life.

It just means to take what we experience now as it is. Sometimes even unpleasant moments. Often we try to reduce our painful experiences. Instead, it is right to cultivate a vessel of mind that embraces those experiences.
Is not it about floating clouds. But here is a real case.

Professor Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, studied the work of a stressed biotechnology company employee. I taught my employees "mindfulness" meditation for eight weeks, three hours a week. Their cerebral frontal cortex activity became stronger, resulting in increased work intensity. Google also has a program to meditate on "mindfulness" to increase work intensity.

Now let's go a little deeper.

 3. Do not disturb your mind. Melting around. 

Meditation is the best way. But for those who do not have time to meditate, or do not know how to do it and do not "just do not do it", let's talk about how to practice in life ...

First, focus on your senses. Let your smartphone melt into the world that surrounds you.
Drink incense when you drink coffee and concentrate on the taste when you eat. Watch what people around you are and pay attention to their words and thoughts.

Do not get caught up in the idea of ??capturing you, but step into the present world of sensation. Instead of annoying that the train is delayed, why not observe people and listen to the sense that you are sitting in.
right. Of course, it does not mean that worries do not run out of concern for those senses.

There is a way for that when.

 4. Add a bad idea 

bad idea. Do not avoid bad ideas or admit it. And focus on your senses again. Focus on breathing, feel the touch of the chair touching your butt, and pay attention to the person sitting next to you.

Give a badge to bad thoughts like a misplaced commercial CM song. Give a mocking title, a trivial idea. Ordinary names like "suspicious" and "killing" are also good. Once you tag it, it is easy to turn your attention to the senses.
It seems like an absurd idea, but it is quite effective. It 's much better than just letting go of bad thoughts.

Some studies show that 'mindfulness' is as effective as antidepressant drugs. In fact, those who have been doing this exercise say they can cut the medicine.

5. So in the end, come back 

to your senses. Focus on your senses again through all this training. There is no way to grow people faster than continued training. There is no easy thing in the world. If you have learned to do it, run it.

Here we go.

1. You and your thoughts are different.
Sometimes thoughts are pure self-deception. It is not true that you think.

2. Observe, do not judge.
Do not try to break your thoughts and admit it. Instead, keep the thoughts floating. Do not get hit and run.

3. Do not disturb your mind, but melt in your surroundings.
Do not look into your smartphone, but go straight to the world around you. Focus on the senses. You will realize that thinking back to yourself is not the world itself.

4. Give a bad idea
Again, acknowledge the bad idea. It is not a bad idea, so I will back it up. Give yourself a name that makes sense to ridicule bad thoughts rather than humbles.

5. So eventually, come back to your senses.
Focus your spirit on the world around you. It's not just about things. Pay attention to people too.


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