6 ways you can use to get rid of your bloated feeling

A bloated belly can get in the way. Especially if your pants suddenly appear two sizes smaller than normal. Fortunately, you can control it yourself, because it is usually caused by incorrect eating or living patterns. If you want to prevent it, read the easy-peasy tips below from nutrition consultant Natalie Lamb and wellness coach Nadya Andreeva - author of Happy Belly

1. Eat more fiber
Fiber, fiber, fiber. It's all about fibers. With disturbed bowel function, gasses are accumulated in the intestines, resulting in a rounded belly. For a good intestinal function, the intake of sufficient fiber is important. You can find these in fruit (plums in particular), vegetables, whole-grain cereals, nuts, legumes and seeds. You can also add oatmeal and linseed to your diet to get extra fiber. Drink enough water with it, because fibers absorb themselves with moisture. In order not to provoke a bloated feeling, it is best not to let go of leek, onion, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables can cause extra gas formation.

2. Limit sugars
Too much is never good and that certainly applies to added sugars. Not only can it cause mood swings, but it can also - you guessed it - cause a bloated stomach. All kinds of microorganisms live in your intestines, including the Candida Albicans. This is a yeast that converts sugars into toxic substances, which can cause gas formation in the intestines. If the yeast is present in small quantities, it cannot do any harm: the good bacteria ensure that the yeast cannot spread too much. Watch your sugar intake .

You could also delete lactose from your diet to see if it helps. People with lactose intolerance, in particular, get a stomachache. Lactose is in fact digested by the enzyme lactase, but not everyone produces this enzyme. Because of this the body cannot digest the lactose; it ends up in the colon where it goes to ferment, and that can lead to gas formation.

3. Stunner combi: Fruit + protein or starch = swollen feeling
Fruit contains sugars (simple carbohydrates) that can be digested through the intestines fairly quickly. But this can change when you combine fruit with, for example, eggs, or when you eat fruit after a meal, for example, as a dessert. According to certified wellness coach and author of Happy Belly Nadya Andreeva, the fruit stays in the intestines until the proteins are broken down and digested. Result? A swollen belly.

4. Relax
According to Lamb, long-term stress can also have a negative influence on the intestinal function. She advises to include extra relaxation in your daily life: read a book, do yoga, meditate, take a walk (without always looking at your phone) or enjoy a warm bath with lavender oil.

5. Resources
There are agents, with the active ingredient simeticone, that prevent flatulence. This reduces the symptom, but does not solve the problem.

6. Extra tips
Do not eat too quickly, chew well and do not mess with food in your mouth. This way you prevent extra gas formation in your intestines. Salt and bubbles (carbonated drinks) can also lead to flatulence (charming word for slightly less charming: flatulence). Exercise promotes bowel function. so let's goooo!


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