How does the apple figure get rid of bloated? here are three three ways

 Three strokes turned into a lady
  Because of the large size of the upper body, the apple sister often gives the feeling of a tiger's back, and does not match the light lady. Can't Apple Girl become a lady? In fact, as long as she is cleverly dressed, Apple Girl can successfully control the lady. Here are three tricks to help Apple Girl transform into a lady.

The main obstacle to Apple's creation of the female model is that the upper body has a large dimension. In order to successfully control the lady's style, the apple girl needs to reduce the presence of the upper body.

  Color reduction
 Different colors have different visual effects, and Apple Girl can reduce the presence of the upper body by choosing a cool color or black top with a visual contraction effect to make herself more attractive.

In addition to reducing the sense of presence through the hue of color, Apple will also pay attention to avoid more than three types of clothing, because too much color stacking will have visual expansion effect, which is not conducive to reducing the presence of upper body, and multi-color clothing will have The sense of guilt is not suitable for creating a feminine fan style that is quiet and gentle.

  Profile reduction
Apple's upper body has a larger upper body and wants to have a sense of upper body. Apple girl can also hide the true dimension of the upper body by choosing a garment with a silhouette, and whether it is worn alone or stacked, it can reduce the presence of the upper body, let The shape is even more slim and ladylike.

However, Apple sisters should pay attention to the selection of a certain amount of silhouette pieces. The oversized clothing silhouette can not only reduce the presence of the upper body, but will also play a prominent counteraction. Moreover, the upper body of the large profile will also cause an imbalance in the proportion of the upper and lower body, which affects the beauty of the lady's style.

Most of the ladies have a sturdy body, and the apple sister has a large waist dimension. If she does not actively highlight the waist curve, she will not be able to interpret the lady model.

  Active highlighting
In order to hide the flesh and blood on the waist, Apple sisters often wear loose clothing without a waistline, which will not only make the shape fat, but also the apple sister is short, so the apple girl needs to actively highlight her waistline, like wearing A dress with a waistline is a good way to highlight the waist curve and make yourself look more visible.

In addition to wearing a waistline clothing, Apple Girl can also wear the upper and lower two-piece clothing to highlight the waist curve, but pay attention to the hem of the top, and pull out the top, to retain a certain amount of flesh and blood The hidden space makes you look slim.

  Lift the waistline
Want to have a slim waist and hide the flesh on the waist, Apple can also achieve the goal by moving the waistline up. With the aid of the belt, waist and other auxiliary outlines, it can play a very good way to improve the waistline. At the same time, it can also increase the layering of the shape, so that the lady model is more beautiful.

Although Apple's upper body is full of slots, it has enviable slender legs, and another way to weaken the shortcomings is to strengthen the advantage. So when Apple Girl is building a model, pay attention to making the lower body a visual focus.

  Design focus
In order to attract everyone's visual focus down, Apple Girl can play a role in focusing and guiding through the eye-catching design elements. Design elements such as ladylike ruffles, lace, pleats, and prints are all good choices for a sense of focus.

Although the style of Lady Fan gives people a sweet feeling, these design elements can render a sweet atmosphere very well, but Apple Girl should pay attention to the proper use of design elements. Too many elements will make the look look cheesy and ladylike. The temperament of the fresh and graceful does not match.

  Skin focus
  The slender legs are the advantage of the apple girl's body. To attract the visual focus down, the apple sister can achieve the goal by exposing the slender legs.

In addition to directly revealing the legs, the apple sister can also expose the legs by wearing the open skirt of the recent fire, so that the design sense and layering will be stronger, and the shape will be more eye-catching. But Apple sisters should pay attention to the right amount of skin, a lot of skin will give people a sense of frivolity, and the dignified atmosphere worn by the lady fan does not match.


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