You don't have to be annoyed anymore. Two ways to lighten Excel

Somehow Excel does not open! I got stuck while I was working! For example, it is common for work efficiency to decrease due to heavy files. Work hardIn some cases, you may not be able to save such data, or you may have experienced the sad situation of data corruption. This time, I will introduce the trick to lighten heavy Excel files.

[1] Delete unnecessary data
? Hidden objects
Files containing many objects such as figures and comments have a large capacity. Even if you delete the matrix containing the object, the data of the object remains in a place that you can not actually see. Delete unnecessary data at once.
· Edit ? Search and replace ? Jump ? Select cell in "Home" tab
· Check the condition you want to select such as "Object" "Comment"
· Finally click OK to finish deletion
Note that you can deselect the objects you want to keep by holding down Shift and clicking.

? Unnecessary sheet
Unwanted sheets may be hidden when using old files or editing by a variety of people. Let's check it once.
-Right-click the tab at the bottom of the sheet and display all sheets from "Refresh"
-Delete unnecessary sheets, if any!

? Data mixed in unused area
Spaces and characters may be accidentally merged into unused areas that should not contain data. This is another cause of heavy data, so let's delete it.
-Jump to the last line containing data with Ctrl + End-
Move to a distant cell not used for work, there is unnecessary data in it-
Select all right up to the last line of the sheet with Ctrl + Shift + ? Let's delete it!

[2] File refresh
Copy and paste to a new file
If you use the same file all the time, the data may become heavy. To avoid this, it is easy and recommended to copy all the data on the sheet and paste it into a new file.

· Copy all data (select all with Ctrl + A, copy with Ctrl + C)
· Paste and save in a newly created new book!

It's very convenient because you can paste it in this way, taking over formulas and objects, formats etc. However, it is necessary to set new settings for the auto filter and the fixed window frame.

? Temporarily remove book sharing

When using "book sharing function" where multiple members can edit the file at the same time, the update history is accumulated and the file becomes heavy. Make sure that no one else has the file open and clean it regularly.

-Uncheck "Permit simultaneous editing by multiple users and join books" from "Book sharing" on the "Correction" tab-
Save over once once-Reset
book sharing at the end

? Save with the latest version extension
When using an Excel file created in the old version with the new version of Excel, there are cases where the size of Excel becomes huge to maintain compatibility. To avoid this, select the latest format when saving. The file size is less than half, simply by changing the old file saved by "Microsoft Excel 97-2002" or "5.0 / 95 book (* .xls)" to a new "Excel book (* .xlsx)" and saving It can also be!


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