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An iPhone that fell off a plane over Skaftárdalur was found in good condition a year later

Haukur Snorrason pilot was flying in his TF ULF plane over Skaftárdalur in August last year when he lost his phone out of the plane. Yesterday, the phone he bought instead of the lost one rang. Hikers had found the phone and what's more - it seems fine.

Haukur says in conversation with Vísi that they have been flying over the Skaftárdalur valley to respect the race that had taken place in Skaftá.

"I had already taken some videos out of the small window on the machine, was doing this for the first time," says Haukur, who runs the Icelandic Photo tours company.

"Then I get into a bend, move closer to the airflow and he sticks out of my hand right away," says Haukur on the eve of the phone being lost last year.

Haukur was making a video when he lost his phone. The phone continued to record the video in the attic and after it fell to the ground as can be seen below.

Trim: iPhone 6S falls out of airplane

Search returned nothing

However, he was not ready to give up all hope as the day came that the phone rang wherever he was.

"So it had to be okay with him."

Haukur is familiar with local practices and called people in the area who searched the phone without success.

"I forgot this so just bought me another phone."

Means so years.

Not daily bread 

Haukur says that Icelanders were in the area in mid-September, but the due date was exactly September 14. Then people walk in this area and just walk on the phone. They charged him and charged, "Haukur's iphone".

The people then remembered when Haukur had described his phone a year earlier. They had not thought that his phone was his, but they thought someone may have recently lost the phone in the moss.

Haukur thanks the moss, on the one hand, for the good condition of the phone a year later, after all the snow and rain that has fallen on the phone.

"So he has a dirty plastic cover, that's the side that is facing up."

Haukur can go online, send e-mails, take pictures, but so far he is not heard when he calls people. However, contact is achieved and it cannot be ruled out that this problem can be solved. He laughs at all this. 

"It's not often that you lose your phone from an airplane and find it again," says Haukur and resigns.


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